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It's no secret that Google Ads is our best channel at the moment.

Sinan Rana / B.Energy

Digital marketing of green energy

B.Energy is a green energy company, which was founded in 2012 and has since grown big with the help of direct marketing. During the first Corona lockdown in 2020, they decided to take the plunge and invest in digital marketing, in order to generate more customers.

They even started out with their Google Ads advertising, but the deeper they got into the Google Ads universe, the more complex it became.

A desire for more visibility on Google

When B.Energy came to us, their challenge was to exploit their online potential.
They wanted to create growth in their power business, and to fill more in Google searches for energy companies. It was a challenge that we were ready to help them with.

We are on the same mission, we are going to the same place. We have not experienced this with other agencies where you just pay and then they do their thing. An update is often sent here and we know what is being done on our account.

Christopher Brix / B.Energy

Strategic planning and a unique collaboration

Mapping the collaboration was crucial to our success. Using our strategic client road map, followed by follow-up every month, this helped us in our navigation towards our common goals. This allowed us to plan our efforts in relation to a competitor analysis, as well as keyword analysis and execute the expansion of the account.

I do not see Advertisers as a classic agency. It is a collaboration where we spar all the time. It is a win-win situation to work so closely together.

Christopher Brix / B.Energy

We have previously worked with agencies, where there has been a large partition between customer and agency, but here we see Advertisers more as colleagues, where we share our responsibilities.

Sinan Rana / B.Energy

Future prospects for Blue Energy

B.Energy chose Advertisers to grow their energy company.

The next step is to expand the visibility online with more products and thus become a 'full home provider', which offers all the services of the home. The plan is further expansion to the Nordic markets.

Our future plans are all part of a large digital puzzle where Advertisers are part of the foundation.

Christopher Brix / B.Energy

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