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Customer case - Borg Sound

Our growth journey with BORG SOUND

How we with the right strategy and a strong collaboration grew BORG SOUND's revenue by over 700%

Results created in 2021












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Mikkel Nielsen / BORG SOUND

Great expectations and even bigger dreams

BORG SOUND started in 2018 with a single store. Music equipment and instruments are their passion, which permeates everything they do.
They had a great desire to expand the business - which they managed quite quickly!
2 years later, they stood with four stores, one webshop, one workshop and music lessons added to their services.
Before BORG SOUND came to us, they were in charge of their online marketing. They had stopped and knew that more was needed to achieve everything they wanted.

BORG SOUND came to us at the end of 2020 with high expectations and even bigger dreams. They want to increase their revenue and eventually be present online in the rest of the world.
ROAS was at the start at 2.6 and their Analytics ran far from optimal.

After a month at our table, the results were clear; ROAS had risen to 9. An increase of 246 %
If we fast-forward another 2 months, we could show a ROAS of 12.23 and an increase in the number of impressions of more than 3 million. With this, ROAS has increased by 370%.

If we look at the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, the results speak for themselves:

  • Revenue through Google Ads has increased by 750%.
  • Total revenue has increased by 388%.

A complex strategy

We laid out an internal strategy, which was based on the following elements:

  • Analysis of the customer's target group and industry
  • Examine the complexity of customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Rebuild BORG SOUND's Ads account based on the above surveys and analyzes:
    • Search at product level
    • Shopping campaign through third-party programs

By focusing search primarily around product level, BORG SOUND's products are shown to the customer at the time in the buying process where there is the greatest probability of a positive result, thereby a transaction.

In the example below, we take as our starting point the purchase of a keyboard.

The customer starts out with an idea and broad searches in order to obtain all the information that she feels is necessary to be able to make an informed choice of product. Which brand is best? The coolest? Can most?

Once the brand and product have been selected, the most important part of the webshop comes; assessment and the purchase decision!

In these two phases, elements such as price, delivery time, service, reviews, etc. take up an incredible amount of space.

See, for example, the table below where we have posed BORG SOUND to a fictitious competitor. Here, there is no doubt that BORG SOUND (brand 2) wins the transaction over the competitor (brand 1) based on their delivery, extra services and trust pilot score.

Another analysis we conducted in the initial phase with BORG SOUND went on the complexity of the industry, which is often related to the price level of the products. In the case of musical instruments, we operate with prices at the high end, this increases the complexity, as well as the actual time a customer spends in the first part of the purchase decision.

Purchasing behavior types
Degree of involvement
High involvement Low involvement
Brand differentiation Big difference between brands Complex behavior Variation-seeking behavior
Small difference between brands Behavior aimed at an acceptable solution Routine behavior

This complexity is also reflected in the high brand differentiation, both in terms of yield, price, appearance and needs, which requires a high level of involvement already during the information search in the purchasing process and right up to the purchasing decision.

Buying a musical instrument is not an easy decision, which applies to both hobby players and professionals - this is what BORG SOUND is aware of, and they make it easier for their customers via professional blogs and personal, professional service both in their stores and on their webshop.


Future prospects for BORG SOUND

Together with BORG SOUND, we have been allowed to be a part of their enormous development and journey, and it is by no means over yet.

The foundation has been laid and the cooperation is strong - The next step on the journey is to reach many more countries than Denmark.

It takes a lot of analysis work and experience to be successful abroad. But with the experiences we bring from other customers as well as our role as Google International Growth Partner, we are well equipped to also lift this part of the journey in collaboration with BORG SOUND.

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