Customer case

Put bait on the hook and take out and fish is the example of when it goes too well with online marketing. Can it go too well? Yes, it can. Fishing tackle is experiencing such great success with their Google Ads that they are having a hard time keeping up with their inventory. A luxury issue, but also a reality once online marketing with Google Ads gets underway. In just two years, advertisers have raised with a percentage increase in turnover of 414 %, while their conversion rate has increased from 1 % to 1.61 %. They are experiencing a growth they had not dreamed of before entering into the partnership with us.

A good collaboration, both commercially and on a personal level.

Kris Jeppesen

The challenges for

Fishing tackle came in as a customer at Advertisers in October 2018. Here, their challenge was that they did not reach their desired KPIs. The account did not hit ROAS and it was too low. They also had a low Ad spend. Fishing tackle desire was therefore to increase their Ad spend and get a better ROAS.

The solutions to achieve catch online

Our focus was initially to stabilize the account. We did this by analyzing the account's campaigns, and removing those that did not perform optimally. We then restructured the account structure. This helped stabilize the Account's ROAS. Then we could start expanding the account, to increase the volume.

The collaboration with Advertisers has been super exciting, super successful for us, and a really good experience.

Kris Jeppesen

Expansion of the account

Once the account was stabilized and hit several of the desired KPIs, we switched from using a regular shopping campaign, to using Smart Shopping. We also set up dynamic parameters in collaboration with their developer. Smart shopping does not offer as many tools, but the few that are available are important. It is also crucial that this type of campaign is managed properly and that the tools in the campaign are managed by a specialist. In connection with the creation of Smart Shopping, we also reviewed their shopping feed, and also here, in collaboration with their developer, set up better rules and thus improved the feed, and increased the volume of the account further.

At Advertisers, we look at our customers' business as a whole. We have been aware that fishing tackle was not only a webshop but also had physical stores. That is why we have also set up Display campaigns, and helped advise in relation to competitions on SoMe channels and come up with ideas for their website. Here we have also had a focus on creating strong advertising locally.

Results created in 2020

ROAS on account




Conversion value


Conversion rate




Over the last 2 years, we have increased the account's Ad spend, and created great growth. From the time we took over the account in October 2018 to October 2020, we have increased Ad spend by 260 %, while we have hit the desired KPIs and especially ROAS.

Fishing tackle has not only increased their online growth, but also the physical stores have experienced growth. The stores have earned 50% more in 2019 than in 2018. Thus, Google Ads also helps to create a synergy between the webshop and the physical stores.

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