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With a new trust in Google Ads, we created a noticeable growth for Leiberg.dk

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Leibjerg.dk is a Danish webshop that sells fashion clothes. They started in 2018 in a market that seemed to be saturated and filled with competitors. But the team behind Leiberg had a great passion and a courage to think differently in a traditional industry. Their challenge, however, was that their Google Ads advertising had no effect and they had lost confidence in this type of marketing. When Leiberg contacted Advertisers, their desire was to create growth in the business.

We came from sunken agency relationships and met presence and trust in a completely unique way. It proved to us that Advertisers will grow with their customers.

Anders Normann

Conversion optimization of the webshop was the key

The focus was initially on optimizing the webshop to sell better and reflect the target group. Therefore, we launched various initiatives, which had to be implemented first to boost the webshop's sales. This included a size guide when describing the products, changing pack photos to pictures of models so that it is easier for customers to imagine how the clothes fit.

Then we threw ourselves over the titles of the products, which were a mixture of capital letters with both Danish and English. These were addressed to e.g. that there are pants and not pants. By translating this into Danish, Leiberg.dk hits a better quality score on Google and is stronger compared to competitors on Google Shopping. All of these are measures that have helped to a better conversion rate, which has increased by 12%.



From sunken relationships to trust and growth

The solution to create the good results started first and foremost with a trusting collaboration. The good collaboration is largely based on good dialogue and knowledge sharing from Leiberg about their business. We were informed about which products had a good profit, when there were sales, new items, as well as changes on the website. Based on the information, we have been able to adapt the advertising and make it extra targeted.

In line with the results, Leiberg has now started to increase their inventory, and can feel a marked growth. Anders from Leiberg says: "We have gone from a low level to having increased our turnover significantly".

I feel like we are seen as a customer and I get information all the time. What Advertisers say and promise, they do.

Anders Normann

Future prospects

Following the results of Google Ads, Leiberg has now started investing in SEO and other marketing opportunities. The plan is to focus on Scandinavia and expand to the Swedish market. We look forward to getting Leiberg beyond national borders and helping them reach their growth potential.

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