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Why is Black Friday the most important day of the year?

It is for a reason, and that is turnover!

Is Black Friday also the day on which you make the most of the year?
You are probably nodding yes right now, because this is the reality for many webshops and physical stores. But the competition is fierce, and it is therefore essential that you are properly dressed for the day itself, but also the time leading up to it, if you are running with Black Month, Black Week etc.
It's about having a Black Friday strategy ready and a trick up your sleeve that sets you apart from your competitors.

Get your message out without spamming people

Send out an exclusive offer to your loyal followers. There must be a difference in communication between your loyal customers, and especially those who strike on occasions such as Black Friday.
You can also make a calendar invitation for your selected customers, so that they feel extra special, and have a countdown timer on it.
Many consumers plan their shopping based on the stores' online and offline offers, so it is important that you factor this into your Black Friday strategy.
You can also invite your loyal customers a few days or hours before Black Friday kicks off to make them feel extra valued and award them some points by getting them to share the content on their social media!

Why is Gamification a good idea for Black Friday?

It's fun and different and something that sets you apart from your competitors by adding a fun game where there are, for example, prizes or some other form of reward. Not only is this remembered by your customers, it also strengthens your customer relations. The reward system in the brain is activated, which contributes to a positive brand experience for your customers.
Your customers and potential customers can, for example, obtain membership points when they perform certain tasks; it can be anything from writing reviews, posting a picture of yourself with the new item or sharing news about your upcoming Black Friday sale.

How do your products differ from those of your competitors?
Are they environmentally friendly?
Are your customers contributing to the environment when they buy from you?
Highlight all your USPs – especially as Black Friday campaigns, so that potential customers can choose you over the competition. It's about creating attention and standing out from the crowd.

You can use two types of systems to execute your Gamification strategy. One is called Scratcher and is very user-friendly with integrated templates for Gamification, and the other system is called Sleek note. Sleeknote consists of a user-friendly popup builder system with associated templates that can be integrated with other tools.

Actimo is an in-house Gamification tool that helps to strengthen teamwork and the individual employee in the workplace.

Fire laws; how can it be flared up extra on Black Friday

Your Black Friday strategy must be razor sharp.

Be clear in your communication. Your consumers spend 1-3 seconds on your page, and there it must be clearly stated what their savings from Black Friday are. The brain does not like cognitive pressure, and therefore it is recommended that you write out whole amounts in DKK rather than percentage signs. That way, your consumers don't have to calculate themselves how many kroner they save when they buy X number.

We are governed by our emotions and are influenced by rewards in the form of exclusive offers with an expiry date, for example a timer that counts down, which many take advantage of on Black Friday. This causes our brain to fire neurons which cause a feeling of reward in the brain which then releases endorphins.
The brain thinks, "I just can't miss this offer!" The brain reacts instinctively and feels a positively charged feeling by saving money and thus still getting the same gain.

Do whatever it takes to kick ass on the day itself.

Create a marketing calendar to plan everything in detail and make sure you know when everything is happening. Your calendar should include all the tasks related to creating and sharing your content. This includes the following measures:

  • Your creatives for your e-mail marketing, social media, website, display banners, ads etc. must be completed in advance.
  • Include the campaign ideas and a deadline for each task in your calendar.
  • Graphics and Banners: Creating a homepage banner for your Black Friday sale is important. You should also have all your video content and graphics ready to go.
  • Promotions: Calculate which discounts you can offer and remember to include your advertising costs.
  • Social Media Posts: Prepare and plan your social media marketing strategy and schedule your posts in advance. Be aware of your followers' locations and time zones and target them with a more personalized message.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: An email campaign can help increase your sales. You should have an email list ready to send promotional emails as soon as your Black Friday promotion starts.
  • Mobilepay: We recommend that you set up mobilepay if you do not already have it, as it is easy and convenient for customers.

Your wish is our command

We are available to you every day from Thursday to Saturday, when Black Friday peaks, 24 hours a day. However, we monitor and work on your account in the days leading up to Black Friday and right up to Cyber Monday, if you go with it. If you don't run Black weekend or Cyber Monday, we make sure to stop monitoring and adjusting budgets when Black Friday ends at midnight. Naturally, we will also adjust your budgets back when the whole process is over.

In the days leading up to Black Friday, we recommend increasing the quality score by ensuring that your website can be fully optimized. It also means spending more money with a poor ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) because consumers are waiting for the Black Friday deals to arrive. But on the day itself, you can have a very high click-through rate (CTR), so you have a massive lead over your competitors.

The budget is turned up on Black Friday

Normally you have an average price per click on 2 kroner (€0.27). On Black Friday it is probably 6 kroner (€0.80) because everyone will be in the auction and to win, you have to pay more. We're running new campaigns specifically for Black Friday to help increase your exposure, clicks and conversions.

The why behind the madness of Black Friday: Always have a back-up!
Even with thorough planning, you are not guaranteed that errors may occur, but you can try to future-proof them. We therefore advise customers to make a backup of their webshop, which must be ready for launch immediately, should something go wrong. It always pays to have a back-up in case of an accident.

Then you are probably ready to conquer Black Friday. Are we going to break new records together this year?

Get advice from Google Ads specialist Kristian Olsen

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