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About us

Happy People = Happy Clients

At Advertisers, we work on the basis that happy employees are equal to happy customers. Despite the complex work of Google Ads, we focus on creating a work environment that requires creativity and professional development.

Our professional approach is based, among other things, on employee development. Our development program is designed for the individual employee based on their own visions.

Everyday life is characterized by a good structure, while there are high ceilings and room for humor. Thinking big, no ideas are too wild, new inputs and inspiration are always welcome. It is part of our DNA and it can be felt by our customers.

During the time I have been with Advertisers, I have learned much more than I could dream of - Kristian is a fantastic mentor, and you never stand alone!

Trine Løfholm / PPC Specialist in Advertisers

Our purpose

To deliver quality-conscious Google Ads to the Danish business community.

Our strategic approach is an incorporated part of our framework, and the reason for the many successes, such as,, and etc.

Our promise to you

To provide transparency, loyalty and professionalism through an honest and trusting dialogue.

We strive to provide the best advice, which often results in good dialogues, with current and potential customers. We assess objectively based on the customer's current situation and individual needs, with a view to raising their revenue.

To be a master of Google Ads, one must test, apply, and evolve.

Kristian Olsen / CEO

Our vision

To become Denmark's best Google Ads Bureau

To achieve our vision, we have created a culture where we see testing and making mistakes as a strength. If we do not continue to challenge the way we work, we will not be able to evolve. We believe that the road to success is not just about results, but in particular about the process.

Our mission

To help companies achieve their maximum growth potential through Google Ads and thereby optimize their data-driven strategies.

Our mission is based on happy employees being equal to happy customers. In order to achieve the maximum growth potential, we start from our philosophy: Always present, always relevant, always optimized. At the same time, we work with our framework: Analyze, Optimize, and Expand, which ensures the quality of our work.

Advertisers' work with our Google ads is one of the reasons why we have experienced the great development in recent years.

Brian Dennis Jensen /

Our values

Personal development

Think big



Are you ready to get more out of your business?

Hear how we can help you expand your business and reach new markets.

Are you ready to get more out of your business?

Hear how we can help you expand your business and reach new markets.

The management

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