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Customer case - DecoFarver

This is how we grew DecoFarver into the largest investment in Løvens Hule

Results created in 2020

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The story behind the delivery of paint right to your door

DecoFarver was founded in 2013 by childhood friends Brian Dennis Jensen and Jesper Laursen. Here they specialize in online sales of paints, at low prices with fast delivery. The collaboration with us, started back in 2018, when they got recommended to us as Google Ads agency. Today, they are Denmark's leader in the sale of paint online, which has also aroused interest among large investors.

DecoFarver breaks records and gets the Lions' biggest investment

Today we are proud of DecoFarver, which in connection with their participation in the DR program Løvens Hule, has received a record investment from Løverne. It is not just a well-deserved recognition, but also a noticeable investment that makes it possible to expand the great potential. In the program, an impressed Lion asks until how a paint dealer and a carpenter can become the leading sellers of paint - online? The answer is Google Ads.

An approach that creates wild records

First, we got a handle on Google Shopping. While we were looking to make a profit, the next step was to work on optimizing the shopping feed so that we could expand Decofarver's coverage on Google.

After the shopping campaigns have been set up, there has been great growth and the number of exposures grown by 873 %. Today, for example, when you google "paint", DecoFarver dominates.

Advertisers' work with our Google ads is one of the reasons why we have experienced the great development in recent years.

Brian Dennis Jensen / DecoFarver

Next, our focus was to expand with new keyword campaigns, as well as test which type of ads worked best. Based on the brain receiving messages, we implemented Advanced Neuro Ads (ANA).

Our strategic work to expand the account has resulted in the number of keywords being increased by 288%.

At the same time, we raised the Quality Scores and optimized all ad extensions so that DecoFarver could become more visible on Google.

See the comparison below with the competitors.

We are super happy with the collaboration and we feel heard. Advertisers deliver great results, and are always ready with new ideas and initiatives.

Jesper Laursen / DecoFarver

Our unique approach has once again created a market leader

In a few years, DecoFarver has gone from a small business in Ringe to becoming a market leader in the web. Since the start of the collaboration, revenue through Google Ads has increased by 260%.

The way Advertisers has performed for us has meant a great deal, and it is clearly Google Ads that has had a huge impact on us.

Brian Dennis Jensen / DecoFarver

Do you also want to be a market leader in your industry?

Hear how we can help you expand your business and reach new markets.

Future prospects for DecoFarver

The next step is to enter the Scandinavian market. The first country is Sweden in 2021. The goal is to at least quadruple their turnover in 2025. Here, DecoFarver is helped along the way by the three-leaf clover from Løvens Hule, Mia Wagner, Jan Lehrmann and Jacob Risgaard, who together have bought 30 percent of the company. With the help of the Lions, the plan is to enter new markets and really get growth started. It also means more employees and new premises with larger inventories.

Furthermore, there is a focus on optimizing processes, where fast delivery on the same day becomes a reality for their customers in the larger cities.

DecoFarver has big plans with their own climate-friendly brand of paint.

Advertisers are proud to be part of their journey.

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